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Why do you have a camp store? To spread your branding and market your camp. Remember you are a destination, your guests are going to pay you to wear your brand and advertise for you. Wearing your t-shirt starts a conversation with their classmates, friends, family, etc that can turn into your next campers. Overcome the fear that your campers won’t have any money to spend in the camp store. The majority of campers will be sent with money and may spend it to or from camp or while they’re at camp. Let’s make sure they spend it in your store while they’re at camp.

1. Where do your campers come from?




2. Who are your campers?












3. How much can they spend?





Answering these questions will be well worth while. Once you know who is buying in your store, you can cater the products you carry to what they will want. What is trending for THEM that season. It is important to communicate this to your vendors so they can steer you to the best products for your buyers.

Local area, other states, churches your own organization?

What is the age range? Do they live in the city or country?

Do they pay to come to camp or are they scholarship?

What is the average dollars spent per camper?

Are some weeks different? Some weeks with campers from rural areas and other weeks with campers from cities?

Do your campers come back year after year?